Space Shuttle

I’m glad that Discovery is back safely. What annoys me is the only time the space program gets any media attention is when there is the potential for disaster.

I just got back from our cafeteria at work. There are normally a few people eating breakfast or getting coffee. This morning, there was a crowd watching the landing. That never happens. These people could give a shit most of the time about the space program. My guess is that more than anything they were waiting for some disaster so they could say they were watching it when it happened.

This is something that really annoys me. People don’t want to watch when things are going as planned. They aren’t interested in space exploration. They just want to see the train wreck. They are probably the same people that think that we spend too much on exploration. Fuckers.

4 thoughts on “Space Shuttle”

  1. i admit i was a bit troubled when i heard about the foam issue. i think that’s probably what had a lot of people on edge about the landing.

    and btw – hi. 🙂

  2. things have been okay. i’m back in school – finished two quarters and getting ready for the third back in four years. yay! working on a (mostly useless) history degree, which will be followed by a masters in history or library science. then maybe a phd. by then, i will be 75. heh.

    other than that, working at everybody’s records again. i spent 6 months in boston last year, which was both great and homesickness-inducing. finally got my passport and heading off to london in september.

    how about you? how’s gina? and the little one? congrats, by the way!! 🙂

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