Ripley update

Kids are amazing. With few exceptions, you’d never know that she even notices. It is clearly harder on G & I than it is on her. Unfortunately, those exception times are dressing changes and bedtime. G has taken on wound cleaning and dressing changes, mostly because she can’t deal with me doing it.

Things are already healing. In some ways she looks better, in others worse. We both recognize that this could have been a lot worse and we are really lucky that she isn’t hurt as bad as many of the patients that go to Children’s or Shriner’s. Its all a matter of perspective.

Aside from wound management, the biggest impact is she is supposed to stay out of the sun. With burn wounds apparently there can be pigmentation differences if there is too much sun exposure. She can go out with sunscreen, but not until the damaged areas aren’t raw. It figures that the weather has finally gotten nice; sunny and 80.

G & I would like to thank everyone for their kind words. Everyone that is aware has been great.

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