We had a really good Christmas this year. It was Peri’s first Christmas, she apparently didn’t want to attend last year and showed up one year ago today. It was also the first time that Ripley really got into the holiday. She wouldn’t go to bed on Xmas eve, and then woke up at 4am on the day to see if Santa was here. Cute, but too early. The only damper on the day is that everyone in the family had a cold. G was basically over it, as was Peri, Ripley still had it and was losing her voice, and I was just starting to get it.

My coolest gift this year was Guitar Hero III for the Wii. It is awesome. Hard, but awesome. I can successfully play on “easy”. I actually finished the game last night on easy. Ripley was playing along with her play guitar, which was really cute. Every time a song ended she’d ask “can we do it again?” Who am I to deny my daughter? 🙂 Gina made us stop so we could put Ripley to bed.

After I finished, I started over on “medium”. OMG. There is definitely a difference between the levels. More practice is definitely in order.