Post holiday post

Well, we made it through Christmas. Its always busy at our house. This should not be a surprise given we have two small children šŸ™‚

Its always a treat to try to fit all of the holiday commitments in. Part of my family celebrates Hanukkah, we have Peri’s birthday and then multiple family stops for Christmas. On years where Christmas and Hanukkah are close together, it can be very challenging. This year wasn’t too bad.

The kids really enjoyed opening gifts. They are both old enough to really get into the whole gift receiving thing and were excited about Santa. That was a lot of fun. Having the "Santa hammer" is nice for about a week before the holiday; it does make keeping them in line a little easier.

G & I tried to keep the gifts between us light, given the economy and the fact that we don’t really need anything. We are very lucky in that respect. I did get a couple of cool things though, like this, this and this.  My wife and family know I’m a geek šŸ™‚

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