Fourth of July adventure

So, we had no big plans for the 4th so after we had breakfast there was a discussion about taking a day trip for an adventure. With nothing constraining us and the weather being nice, we decided to take a trip to Serpent Mound in Adams county. We packed a lunch and headed out.

The drive was nice and we had a picnic at one of the rest stops. The kids thought that was awesome. Gina taught the kids about the trees and birds that we saw. Very pleasant. Then we continued on to the mound.

The last time I was at Serpent Mound was in the mid 70s with my grandparents. I remember driving forever to get there, not quite understanding it and wondering what I was looking at. I figured there was something to it and Gina and I are committed to making sure the kids understand stuff, at their level.

So we got there and it was pretty cool. I remember it being much bigger. It was taller than I was. When we got there, I was expecting a huge monument. It was big, but not 10′ tall. If I was 3’6″ it would look much larger. It was kind of cool to explain it to the kids so they understood what they were looking at.

When we finished up, we stopped at a rock and fossil shop that we saw on the way. It is called House of Phacops and it was awesome. The owner had built exhibits for the Smithsonian and was very knowledgable about stuff. We liked that more than the mound.

Since it was early, we decided that we would take a drive down to the Ohio and come back via Route 50. Due to a small miscalculation on my part, we ended up in Portsmouth, OH. A little further down river than I expected. It was kind of cool to see the new bridges on the river at Portsmouth and Aberdeen. But the kids had clearly had enough of being in the car. They lost their minds about Ripley, OH.

We did manage to get home in time for fireworks in Ault Park. It was nice because we could walk home when they were done.

It was a long day, but I promised the kids and adventure when we left, and we managed to find one.

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