Race 10 – Georgetown – Series final

So, this week was the last race in the series.  It was a 36 mile race on a 11 mile loop.  It was mostly flat with a little roll and one reasonable climb.  I was feeling pretty good about this race.  They had taken the cat 5s and split us into two groups.  The 5a group was those higher in the points ranking.  The 5b was everyone else.  Basically, if you had one a couple of top 20 finishes or showed up to a bunch of races you got to be in the 5a group.  For those of you that read this regularly, I’m pretty sure that you can figure out how I got in the 5a group.

This week there were a bunch of 7 hills folks.  Richard, Brad and I were in the 5a group, Joe, Brian, and Jim were in the 5b group, and Dave S was in the 4s.  It was nice to see others in the mix this week.

We started off pretty slow this week and then picked up.  I stuck with the group pretty well until the climb.  Then as usually happens I dropped back (I really need to work on my climbing) .  I was able to keep up a pretty good pace on my own, actually one of my strongest rides, but it wasn’t fast enough for the group.  The 5b group and women did pass me on lap 2 but I’ve gotten used to that.  I did achieve my goal of (a) finishing and (b) finish not last.

One thought on “Race 10 – Georgetown – Series final”

  1. David, Nice work again. One of the lesser known truths of racing is that it takes several years of racing to get your “legs”. All the racing you did this year will accelerate the process and now you know how hard they go and what you have to do to race with the big boys. As Lou says we are all proud of you…we are!

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