Getting woken up by your wife at 01:30 is never a good sign. This is doubly true if she looks distressed.  My first thought is what happened to the kids and are we on the way to the emergency room.  She says “no”. The next thought is did something happen to the cat. The oldest one is in bad health and we are probably going to need to euthanize him soon. She says “no”.  Okay, this eliminates the big things that could cause her to wake me up when I have a full day ahead of me.  What could it be??? The next words out of her mouth stop me cold — “I’m pregnant”.

As most of you know, our first child was a surprise.  We were engaged and planning the wedding.  Children were in the near term plan, but not that near term.  She was worried about my reaction then.  I think she was surprised when my response was “why are you upset? This is awesome news.” And it was. I wouldn’t trade any of our children for anything in the world.  This surprise however was completely unexpected.

In December I had a vasectomy.  We had decided that we were finished having children so this was a safe move.  I followed up with my “sample” to verify the procedure went according to plan.  The results came back “negative” meaning that I was in fact sterile. The nurse told me that the follow-up appointment was unnecessary because of the result. So, you can see why we were both a little surprised at our latest news.  After a rough night, I had my results verified the following morning.  Guess what… the next test came back “positive”; apparently I’m not sterile.  Clearly, we have set new records for being super fertile… seriously, I got snipped and spent literally hundreds of hours on a bike saddle and we still conceived a child.

The Internet is a wonderful and scary thing.  A little research indicated that failure rates for a vasectomy are 1 in 2,000.  Pretty good odds.  (on a side note, a follow up study indicated that the rate is more like 1 in 4,000 if you adjust for paternity. ouch)  We have clearly used our long odds allotment. To quote Dr Malcolm from Jurassic Park: Life finds a way.

After getting over the initial surprise we realized how great this news is and are looking forward to a fourth addition to the family.  We’ve been lucky enough to have three happy, healthy children so far, and there is no reason to believe that we won’t have another one that is just like them, yet completely different.  So, without further ado and after a number of long conversations, we are happy to announce that our latest addition will arrive late in the year. This does break our deal that we are going to have a prime-number of children since we are really making sure after this one that we aren’t having any more… there is a limit to the amount of awesomeness that one family (and possibly the world) can handle.

We were happy with how the children reacted to the new.  There was much “ooohh”ing and “ahhh”ing, as well as general happiness.  Peri was extra excited that the new baby might have her birthday.

As we progress we will keep everyone updated.

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