2012 Madeira Crit

So, this is the weekend that I waited for all year. And mother nature and work decided to frak with me.  So first, my training was interrupted by a 10 day trip to India, then I was knocked on my ass with a summer cold for over a week, and to top it all off the weather has been outrageously hot.  Now that the complaining is over, lets get to the race report.

I took a half day from work.  Had it planned for months.  Got home and prepped myself.  The race started at 5:00.  I got registered at 3:00 and tried the sports drink slushie that Davis suggested. It was actually pretty good and felt awesome when standing at my car in the 100f heat.  The course was due to open at 4:00 for warmups and the 5s raced at 4:30.  During the warm up I was feeling pretty good.  Ali, Davis, Doug, Jeremy, Trevor and Shawn were all there.

The 5s got off and several of our guys were looking pretty good.  2 laps to go the weather got awful.  The clouds rolled in, which was nice, and then the wind kicked up.  It was blowing the sawhorses, cones and barriers all over the course.  The officials tent blew over and took the camera with it and then Jeffery jumped in to make sure the finish line didn’t go over as well.  Their race got called early because of conditions.

Then the skies opened up and it poured.  They told us to take cover in the basement of the municipal building but we ended up under the cover of the Fifth-Third drive through.  We hung out for over an hour while waiting for things to clear up.  Over that hour we got a ton of rain, the power went out and the temperature dropped 30 degrees. It felt awesome for racing.  We got word that it was clear enough that they were going to target a 6:30 start.  At this point it was 6:15 and they said we could get on the course.

We started warming back up and it was wet and slick.  On my second warm up lap I was going into the corner from Miami onto Laurel and a guy went down.  I quickly followed.  He hit a slick utility cover and I hit something slick on the pavement.  Sucked wrecking before things even started.  Got up, brushed myself off and assessed damage to myself and the bike.  I was fine, the bike was a bit askew.  The bars and stem swiveled on the fork about 20-30degrees.  Bagel helped me straighten it out and I went back to warming up.

The wreck didn’t help my mental state.  We lined up and started going. I was tentative into all of the corners and ended up falling way back.  Every lap there was at least one rider down in the same corner I wiped out in earlier.  Bagel grabbed a broom and worked the corner the entire race to try to clean it up.  Honestly, I think it was too dangerous to race.  I saw riders pulling themselves out and I hung on long enough to get pulled.  Figured I could improve my position through pack attrition. Wasn’t really worth it since only those that finished or got pulled got results due to the number of people dropping or leaving before stopping.

Overall, not a great start to the weekend.

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