Hyde Park Blast 2012

After Friday’s fiasco of a race, I needed to take the bike in to make sure that there wasn’t a safety issue.  The guys at Oakley did a quick once over and said it looked good but would need a tune up.  No immediate safety concerns.

I wasn’t going to count on the weather getting cooler like the night before, that would be too lucky.  Worked on getting the core cool in a swimming pool with the kids for a couple of hours and then got home to prep.  Ate the normal prerace lunch of easily digestible foods and got the Davis Slushie together.  Was feeling pretty good.

Got to registration at 3:15 and pinned on my number.  Susan and Mike had staked out a great spot on the course for the team tent and road side seating.  We started to warm up a little, just an easy spin.  I wasn’t going to make last year’s mistake and take too long warming up so I was tired starting.  I was feeling pretty good.  Watched the kids race and then the 5s.  We staged up and it was hot.  Big Dave did our call ups and we had great position (Thanks, Susan).  I love seeing the supportive team and family sitting on the side lines when we roll up.

Things started out.  I thought last year was fast, and this year was faster.  I wasn’t on the front again this year so I was feeling a little better. We hit the hill and I wasn’t steadily losing position so that was ok.  Unfortunately, I was a little further back than I wanted.  Friday’s tentative mental state definitely carried over.  Coming down Monteith on the first lap I was behind one of the juniors and he was taking one line, a bunch of other guys were taking another line and I chose poorly.  I was almost involved in what could have been a pretty nasty crash. Lost some momentum and got back into in on the Erie straight away.  Every lap I was losing ground because I couldn’t grab a wheel.

I didn’t make it as long as I did last year but over all I felt better.  It was hot but not as outrageous as I would have thought.  They were pretty aggressive about pulling riders.  I wasn’t the first pulled and was ok with how I finished given how this season has gone.

I looked at my data and compared with last year.  Last year my fastest lap on the course was around 26.5mph.  This year it was 28.5mph.  Not bad for an improvement.  Not enough to hang, but not bad.

This may be my last “race” for the year.  I’m sure I’m going to do a couple of fun, charity things but I’m not sure if I’m going to race again in 2012.

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