Why does year suck so bad???

If you’ve been reading you know this has been less than a stellar year for me. It hasn’t gotten better. As I write this I am sitting in the ER waiting to get my X-rays back.

Remember that wobble from last week? Well I took the bike in and there was nothing obvious wrong. The popular theory was there was a new dynamic, be it weather, road conditions, subtle position change that was creating the harmonic when I got to speed.

Today, I was going out for a training ride and was going to see if it happened again with a ride I’ve done before. Coming down Salem I made sure I had a clear path ahead and no one close behind and hit the decent. As I approached the bottom the wobble reappeared. I was unable to recover like I did before and hit the pavement.

Luckily the years of martial arts as a kid stuck and I did a perfect, ok almost perfect, tuck and roll. The helmet will need to be replaced and I’ve got road rash. My concern is my left wrist and ankle. I think the wrist is broken. I’ve broken it before, but that was a long time ago. I’m not as young as I used to be.

At this point I think the race season is over. If I am broken it is for sure over. But even if not I’m not sure I trust the bike. If I’m tentative with the equipment it’s not safe for either me or the other competitors.

I think the bike is going back to the shop tomorrow to assess wreck damage.

All I have left to say is…. FUCK

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