The Electorate

Clearly there is a problem in America with the abysmal voter turnout.  By most reports about half of the eligible voters actually did their civic duty and went to the polls to vote.  I think in my 28 years of voting I’ve missed one election and I believe that was because I was out of town.  I’ve never missed a presidential election.

I can understand people being disillusioned this year.  Neither candidate was what most us wanted.  They were both extremely unpopular.  Was the election decided because the people were apathetic?  Maybe.  Anecdotally, there was a significant number of people that were considering sitting this one out.  Also, did the media not take Trump seriously enough or draw a false equivalence between their “failings”?  Did Comey improperly influence the election and was that a calculated move?

There are going to be a lot of people complaining, and if you didn’t vote, you really have no right to complain about who is President.  You had your chance to influence things and you didn’t use the power you have.

My bigger concern is the fact that Trump may not have any checks and balances because the GOP has majorities in both houses.  This will make SCOTUS nominations much easier.  My hope is that the gap between the crazy stuff Trump wants to do and what the GOP representatives are willing to do is big enough that many of the nuttier or harmful things do not get done.

The other hope is that things in the Senate are close enough to shut down crazy/harmful stuff as well.

At mid-terms maybe things can shift in a positive way.