Rhetoric of Hate

As of Nov 15, since the election of Mr Trump there have been more than 400 incidents of hateful harassment and intimidation reported.  This is just the reported incidents.

Normalizing hate is probably the single worst thing about this election.  Running a campaign that advocated hate against minorities and was completely misogynistic has done harm to everything I’ve been trying to teach my children.  This seems to have emboldened people that held these beliefs to act upon them.

Are we going to have a throwback to the 19th century, or hell, the early 20th century? I am afraid that we are going to have lynchings, a rise in sexual assault and burning of churches/mosques/synagogues?

I will agree that we have gone too far with political correctness and I am not a big fan of “safe spaces” or trigger warnings. The world is not a safe space.  And if you are in school the whole point is to be challenged and deal with things that are uncomfortable to think about.  If you are afraid of being offended then the world is going to be a rough place for you.

Lets be clear, I have very little tolerance for people abusing others.  There is no place for hate in a civil society.  There is a difference between hate speech and someone expressing an opposing view.  Things don’t move forward without confronting things that make us uncomfortable.  There are honestly things in the world that are distressing but ignoring them does not make them go away, it makes it so they can grown in the dark and rear their ugly heads… kind of like what just happened during this election.

We need to figure out to have reasonable discourse and make sure that everyone recognizes that hate is not ok.  We need to consistently confront people that try to put people down, treat them as less than equal and indicate that it is ok to hold an opinion but its not ok to act on it.

The problem with creating a class of people that we treat as less than equal is there is nothing to stop us from being put into a group next.  This is a slippery slope that never ends well.