How I’m getting off my ass and doing something

I’ve spent a lot of time in my recent posts talking about what’s wrong with things.  I thought it was time to talk about what I’m doing about it.

My wife and I have talked a lot since the stunning result in this election about what we believe, what we want to preserve and how we go about making sure we are setting a good example for our children.  One thing we are going to do is get more involved with our local elections because that is where we can have the biggest impact.

This past year I’ve been sending regular messages to my representatives in Washington to let them know that, as a voter, I am paying attention to what they are doing and it will impact how I vote.  This is the bare minimum necessary to be involved; if you don’t let your representative know what you want them to represent, then they will do what they want.  This is going to increase over the next few years for sure because I’m sure there will be lots of things that I want to support or get killed.

I have been considering running for office because I think I have something different to bring to the table.  We are currently talking about which office makes sense and what I could have a reasonable chance at.  There are a couple of things that I’m passionate about and what is the best use of our time & resources, what will have an acceptable impact on our family life and where can it make a difference.

We want to make sure our children understand the political process and that one person can make a difference.  Political office should not just be for the rich but for all of the people.

If you have any additional thoughts on how to get more involved to create a change, please let me know.