I need your help to make Cincinnati Public Schools better

Hello friends and family,
As you may or may not know, I am a candidate in this year’s race for the Cincinnati Public Schools’ Board of Education. It is an exciting time and I am looking forward to helping our schools be the best they can be. I have faith in our teachers, students and families, and recognize they need support from the board and from all of us.
While I am looking to run this campaign in the most frugal way possible, it is still expensive and a lot of work to run a political campaign. This is where I would love to count on your support.
Things that you can do to help:
* Financial – all donations are greatly appreciated
* Circulating petitions
* Telling your friends, family, co-workers about me and the campaign
* Sharing information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
* Moral support
* Letting me know about events at your school, I love meeting voters and discussing their concerns
There will be other volunteer opportunities in the future. Please check back at betterwithbrenner.com for more information. Remember you don’t need to live in the CPS district to help, you just can’t vote for me if you live out of district.
Thank you for reading this far and all of the support that I’ve gotten from you already. Please help me in making CPS the best it can be for ALL of our students in ALL of our schools.
Many thanks in advance for your consideration,
David L Brenner

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