First World Problems – iPhone edition

As I write this, I am sitting at the Apple Genius Bar reloading my information onto a new iPhone.  My old phone’s GPS stopped working with any reliability.

The biggest problem is reloading 256Gb worth of stuff onto the phone.  With my music library, apps, etc it ends up taking 2 days to get everything back on it.  Then there is the necessary re-pair of the Apple Watch which also takes a half hour.

I recognize that this is not one of the world’s great problems by any stretch.  Its just annoying.

The Franken Amendment

I was reading about, and saw a segment on The Daily Show about, an amendment proposed by Al Franken.  This amendment would prevent the U.S. Government from entering into contracts with companies that make employees sign contracts that would take away their right to sue the company in the event of something like a gang rape happening while on assignment.  This seems like a completely reasonable thing to put into law.

The problem is that 30 Republican Senators voted against the proposal.  How could an elected official support the desires of a corporation over the safety of an American citizen that is employed by a company being paid for by U.S. tax payer dollars?  WTF?

Every one of those Senators should be voted out of office in their next election.  This needs to be made very public and the people should be heard.

More can be found out here, here, and the amendment itself.