Disturbing in a whole different way

This article linked from Slashdot is I think more disturbing than my last post. We are clearly not educating our children and citizens well enough.

From every scientific source I look at, there isn’t dissent among scientists about evolution. It is established as a solid theory, in the scientific meaning of the term. I think that is probably the biggest problem is that there is the science version of the word Theory and the common usage of the work theory; my capitalization was intentional.

We, as a nation, need to figure out what we want. If we want to continue to be at the top of the list in innovation and scientific discoveries, we need to make sure that we are educated and understand what is verifiable. We need to educate our people on the scientific method, why it works, what it tells us and what it takes to be a Theory. Without this, we may as well hang it up.

I also find it disturbing that a person’s religious beliefs factor into whether or not they will get elected into office. That shouldn’t matter when we are talking about serving in public office. I think there is too much invoking of a God in our current politics. We should determine whether the individual we are electing is going to do the right thing. Just saying you believe in God doesn’t automatically make you eligible or more likely to do the right thing, just like saying that you don’t believe automatically means you won’t.

4 thoughts on “Disturbing in a whole different way”

  1. In general…

    In general people are very, very stupid. There’s a reason that religion is as big as it is…

  2. Re: In general…

    I understand why religion is around. My frustration is that people view it as a requirement for office. This country was founded on a separation of Church and State. They are supposed to be separate domains. The current trend in politics is completely contrary to what the founding fathers intended. Contrary to what the right will say, this country was NOT founded as a Christian nation. Quite the contrary, it was not founded with an established religion precisely because the colonists came from a govenment with an established religion and there was persecution of those that did not side with the official religion.

    You can have a sense of right and wrong without believing in God. You can make the right decisions. Just like you can be an evil bastard and believe in a God. Look at the Crusades and Osama Bin Laden as examples. Plenty of wrong things have been done by religious people.

  3. in terms of education, it doesn’t help that we don’t really throw much money into public education AND we have a very anti-intellectual society, from the top on down. i mean, just look at what newt gingrich had to say about this last week. i realize this is mostly an immigration issue, but it does say a lot about the state of education in america. some studies show that children who are taught a foreign language early do much better academically. and these studies don’t even take into account the kind of cultural education that learning a foreign language can provide.

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