How to get legislation passed when you know it won’t fly

Its really disheartening when you see a problem and you don’t have a good way to fix it.  A key example is Governor Kasich’s plan for teacher certification (here

When you want to pass something without getting all of the scrutiny it deserves you bury it in a large piece of legislation that must get passed.  Here you have two things going for you: (1) people need to read 1000+ pages to find it and (2) a budget needs to be passed and if its delayed you have political ammunition.

If this was truly looking out for the best interests of our students it would be put up as separate legislation and debated to come up with a great solution to a potential problem.

Our teachers work incredibly hard every day to educate our children.  They work long hours for less pay than many other jobs.  They buy supplies for their classroom with their own money.  They mentor our children to do what is best for them.  Obviously there are a few “bad” teachers in every environment but that is true in every environment.

I’m really not sure what this legislation is even trying to fix.

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