Breakthrough Cincinnati

Up until last year I had not heard of Breakthrough Cincinnati.  Its a great program to help kids going into 6th to 9th grade maintain their learning over the summer, work with other kids and build great habits for a lifetime.  It is primarily taught by older students, college students and new teachers.  I was truly amazed by the program when my oldest was accepted to attend.

Over the course of the 6 weeks they worked on math, reading, debate, teamwork.  They had a college and high school faire to show the kids the options they had.  There was a career day where professionals came in to speak to the kids about different options.

I would love to see programs like this expanded to help more students.  I had the opportunity to speak with a number of students and they all seemed to enjoy the program.  We saw a huge difference in how seriously our daughter took school this year and I attribute it to both Breakthrough and increasing maturity on her part.

If you have a student in this age group, I highly recommend looking into it.  The primary focus is kids from disadvantaged groups but my daughter didn’t fall into any of the categories and was accepted.

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