I’m running for Cincinnati School Board!

For a long while Gina and I have been talking about how to become more active politically. This goes beyond just this past election.  One option that has come up repeatedly over the years is running for political office.  Well, we’ve decided that I am going to run for Cincinnati Public School Board.

Looking at it, this is one area where we can make a large difference.  We are both actively involved in our children’s school through the PTO, and have devoted a lot of time to supporting our school. She and I have both held officer positions and have found it to be rewarding way for us to give back to the school.   As we have built relationships with the teachers and administration it has become clear that running for the school board is another opportunity to help them with their mission of educating our children.

My wife and I are passionate about education and the need for making sure the next generations have a solid foundation in areas such as STEM and how to critically evaluate the world around them.  We are trying to teach our children that they can do anything they set their mind to and an education is critical to start that journey.

A few things that I am passionate about and will work as a school board member to encourage:

  • Make sure All students in all schools recieve the  attention they need
  • Provide Teachers with the current materials they need to support our children’s learning
  • Improve all of our schools and district report cards across the board
  • Provide more opportunity for technology in and out of the classroom
  • Facilitate hands on learning such as via maker spaces 
  • Assist PTOs in supplementing the needs of their communities, instead of having to replace lost funding from the district
  • Verify that the district is being good stewards of the taxpayers dollars

Right now I’m working on getting my petitions together to get on the ballot, trying to figure out my social media, fundraising, etc.

As we embark on this journey, I will need support from friends and family.  We do not have the financial resources to fund a campaign personally and will need the support of like minded voters. I want to run this campaign as inexpensively as possible, and with our experience raising funds for our school I know we can make that happen.  This also means that I will need volunteers that believe in the mission of ensuring we have the best public education system possible for all of our children. I’m excited to get to work!

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